Jun, 13


Hello Hello!
Its giveaway time here at Little Troll. We are giving away one sketch dress in the colour and size of your choice. So if you have a little person between the ages of 2 and 10yrs and you think they would look fab in one of these then just tell us which of the 4 colours is your favourite .

Candy floss pink , Popcorn cream, Black/white licorice  or Sherbet yellow.

We will pick the winner at random on Sunday 3Oth June at 9pm.

pick your favorite flavour !

pick your favourite flavour !



  1. jane edwards

    Sure im not allowed to enter but def would be the sherbert!!xx

  2. Rak Dimmock

    Popcorn Cream

  3. leighanne shiers

    Hi my favourite’s the pink

  4. Rea

    Popcorn cream- : )

  5. Jo Richardson

    Beautiful simple dress yum!! I like the popcorn cream one best my little lady is 2!!

  6. jane edwards

    Sherbert pretty please

  7. Sandra fuld

    Sherbet yellow!

  8. ShandaK

    For my oldest 6 she would love Candy floss pink pink, But if i got it for my youngest I would have to choose Sherbert Yellow it would be hard to choose what one get it for!

  9. City Girl At Heart

    Ooohhh gorgeous. My 8 year old would love the sherbet yellow!! Great giveaway little troll. Fingers crossed XXX

  10. Patti Morgan

    My daughter and I both picked out the licorice dress as our favourite, then true to our character both began commenting on different colours for different occasions. But I think the black/white is such an original classic x

  11. Jill chapman

    Sherbet yellow

  12. Sarah Spreckley

    Hi – these are just beautiful, I had no idea you were in Hitchin! I have a 6yr old and I love the sherbert yellow,

  13. Charlie

    Black/white Licorice would look fabulous on my nearly 7 year old :)

    Many Thanks

  14. Stacey Slattery

    My beautiful niece is 4 and her favourite colour is yellow. She always looks fab in it! So my favourite would be sherbet yellow

  15. Victor browne

    I like the candy floss pink aged 7

  16. alison currant


  17. Tiffany breeze

    I like the grey one best but my daughter who is 6 likes the pink one unsurprisingly…

  18. Kate Lewis

    Size 4-5 please in candy floss pink

  19. Kate Lewis

    Size 6 in candy floss pink… For a beautiful flossy princess…

  20. raj sandhu

    I love the Candy floss pink one

  21. Louise

    Licorice is very cute

  22. hailey cook

    Yellow x

  23. hailey cook

    Sherbet yellow

  24. Jo Atkinson

    These dresses are gorgeous, my little minx would love the popcorn coloured dress, aged 8 x